Action Needed to Lower Credit Card Payments

Action Needed to Lower Credit Card Payments

Your monthly credit card payments are likely increasing if you are like most Americans. You may find it difficult paying down debt balances as your finance charges eat away at most of your monthly payments.

Source of Higher Payments

These monthly payments are increasing as your debt balances increase. They are also increasing as a result of higher interest rates being levied on your credit card accounts.

If you do not respond to these increases, you will continue to experience more severe financial woes as a result of your crushing credit card debt. In other words, you may soon discover that you can no longer afford your ever increasing monthly credit card payments unless you take action soon.

How to Lower Monthly Credit Card Payments

There are only 2 ways to lower your monthly credit card payments that keeps your credit rating intact.

Overpay on Monthly Payments: If you pay well above the monthly required payment, then your minimum payment requirements will begin to drop in subsequent months. This requires that you send in well above your minimum payment requirement and stop using the cards for purchases.
Receive Credit Counseling: There may be substantial intervention that a credit counseling organization can provide, if you act soon enough. Major credit card issuers participate in debt management programs by providing interest rate reductions and lower monthly payments to those enrolled in the program. Your ability to obtain these benefits depends on which creditors you owe and your status with those creditors. This is a needs-based program that can help you get the lower payments you need provided your situation demonstrates financial distress.

Finding out a Lower Payment

Prior to enrolling in a debt management program, credit counselors can provide you with a good faith estimate of what your consolidated monthly payment likely will be. They can also help you develop a workable budget that allows for living expenses while helping you meet all monthly obligations. Their quote can also estimate the interest savings that you can reasonably expect on a debt management program.

The ability of credit counseling to lower your interest and reduce your monthly credit card payments depends on the status of your accounts. Current status is preferred, but even late payments can normally be remedied through re-aging benefits available through debt management programs.

Charge-offs however cannot be easily cured. Collection agencies do not provide traditional benefits through credit counseling. Therefore, you should consider acting before your accounts are charged off and turned over to collections. By then, it could be too late!