Which Whiteboard Animation Software Today Rocks – Videoscribe or Easy Sketch Pro 2.0?

A whiteboard animation software that's full of functionalities, user-friendly and easy on the pocket is probably what a good corporate presenter or online marketer would look for. If you're not looking for award-winning but extremely pricey video animation tool, then those whiteboard animation softwares available online can be a great alternative to glue in your prospects or corporate audiences.

There are a number of those tools today but let's focus on these two that may have almost the same functionalities – Sparkol's Videoscribe and Paul Lynch's Easy Sketch Pro 2.0. Both creators have recently updated their babies to version 2 with the former releasing it just last July 2014.

On Videoscribe Whiteboard Animation Software
The recent version of Videoscribe is indeed a much better version that the first version. It's much user-friendly, easier to navigate and quite refreshing to look at. It has also added in new free SVG images in its library totalling to hundreds of doodles in 42 folders. Though they'll never be enough to meet all expectations on various stories, at least you'll have a lot more free SVG images to start with.

It's also great that the font and text color functionalities have been enhanced, giving you more variations in your texts. Just do not tick all the boxes pertaining to Latin Extended, Greek, Cyrillic, etc. as you import fonts unless you have a special need on them as it'll take up so much time to complete it. Just complete the Basic characters for your story boards.

One thing though that limits Videoscribe Whiteboard Animation Software is its inability to add videos on the same canvas. It would have been cool to make a video background while a hand is drawing an image or text on it.

At $ 29 / month or a one-off payment of $ 665, Videoscribe may not be for everyone especially if he's not consistently using the tool. I've been subscribing for almost a year now and probably I just have to switch to an annual scheme to save some dollars.

You might ask if it's worth it.

Well, to me, it is! Having a tool like Videoscribe is a great help for me to present my ideas online and offline in a cool, refreshing way. I just have to maximize its use to fully experience its worth.

If you already are a Videoscribe enthusiast, you may also want to check my SVG images especially designed for Videoscribe. They're absolutely free!

On Easy Sketch Pro Whiteboard Animation Software
I've been using Videoscribe for about a year now but have not heard of Easy Sketch Pro 2.0 until a few days ago (Pity me!). Though this whiteboard animation software is basically the same as Videoscribe, it has a unique functionality that Videoscribe does not have – the inclusion of live videos into the canvas! This is a unique functionality as it'll make your sketches come alive at any point of your message. Come to think of it. A hand drawing a car with a man coming out of it in about 5 seconds and all of a sudden, the whole thing comes alive when the video is played. Cool, right?

What's cooler than that is you'll only have to pay a one-time fee on Easy Sketch Pro 2.0 equivalent to the one month subscription of Videoscribe. I think those are the biggest differentiators of the whiteboard animation softwares that I'm trying to point out.

Its drawback?

Actually there are also two that I can easily count. Though there are 50 folders in its library, the actual images are limited. You have to upgrade or buy images separately. And those images that you might have bought somewhere for your Videoscribe projects may not work if they do not have the PNG (.png) equivalent.

So which Whiteboard Animation Software rocks?

The price is a major consideration for me. So I'll easily give the choice to Easy Sketch Pro 2.0!

But that does not mean I'll easily give up on Videoscribe. At least not just yet. I can actually make a few things to make one complement the other. I can again probably share more tips on how to do it in my next post.

Meanwhile, I highly recommend that you experiment on whichever whiteboard animation software you're using to surprise your audiences.

You'll rock!

Selection Criteria: Example of How to Answer Selection Criteria to Get a Government Job

When you're writing an application, use real workplace examples to show how you meet the criteria. Here's a real world example that got the applicant the job of her dreams:

Selection Criteria


Position Title: Administrative Officer (AO2)

Education Queensland

Vacancy Reference Number: 000000


Address: PO Box 000

The Gap Qld 4061

Telephone: 00 – 0000 0000 (Home)

0000 000 000 (Mobile)

Email: To be completed by the applicant

Administrative Officer (AO2) VRN: 000000

Selection Criteria – 1

Demonstrated administrative, keyboard and word processing skills, including Microsoft Office and an ability to operate independently and / or with limited supervision.

1. In my current and former roles, I have operated independently and demonstrated my proficiency in administration, typing and word processing. In my position at Victorian Health, I relieve at two different locations and work autonomously in both places. In my position in the Australian Defence Force, I supervised 15 staff.

• In my current position as an Administrative Assistant in Victorian Health and in my former position as Office Manager for Secureit Security Systems, my administrative skills are evidenced through the following:

o Performing reception duties and responding to telephone and counter enquiries and complaints; transferring incoming calls to six different extensions

o Organising appointments for staff and performing public relations duties

o Preparing general correspondence and writing memos and e-mails for staff

o Sorting, opening and processing of incoming and outgoing mail

o Operating computers, printers, photocopiers, fax machines, etc.

o Maintaining accurate customer databases

o Checking and preparing all accounts for payment, and managing petty cash, bank reconciliations and monthly expenses

o Processing daily invoicing and working within set budgets

o Maintaining a register of lost property for Victorian Health

o Ordering stationery to ensure appropriate levels and raising requisitions for stock, stationery and consumables using SAP (government purchasing system)

o Obtaining quotes, preparing purchase orders and reimbursing monthly expenses

o Successfully setting up all office systems and procedures for Secureit Security Systems

• My computing skills are demonstrated through the following:

o typing speed of 70 wpm

o competence in use of Windows 2000, MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and 'Group Wise' (VIC Health system).

o Basic knowledge of the data base management system (SMS) used in Victorian schools for the retrieval of information for supply teachers, student details, etc.

I gained this knowledge through voluntary work at a State Primary School.

• From the examples listed above, I am confident that I have demonstrated my administrative, keyboard and word processing skills and ability to set up and maintain efficient office systems while operating independently without supervision.

Selection Criteria Statement Sally Sample Page 1 Administrative Officer (AO2) VRN: 000000

Selection Criteria – 2

Demonstrated interpersonal and communication skills including the ability to work with all members of the school community both individually and as a member of a team.

  1. My interpersonal and communication skills are demonstrated in my current role as an Administration Officer (AO2) for Victoria Health (Linen Services) where I am the first port of call for all enquiries about customer linen orders for all Victorian Health Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Dental Clinics, Dental Mobile Vans and School Dental Clinics. I manage complaints about short supply, quality issues and late deliveries and am able to sort out problems quickly by showing empathy, listening to ensure I get all of the facts, asking questions to gain an accurate understanding of the problem and then taking all steps to fix it quickly. I always follow up to make sure customers are completely satisfied with the outcome.
  2. My team skills are shown through relieving in two hospital locations, where I have developed strong working relationships with all operational staff, based on mutual respect. I work co-operatively with people in numerous sections of the organisation, including Packing Supervisor, Transport Supervisor and Sterile Linen Supervisor to organise changes to standard orders and ensure we achieve the best outcomes possible for our customers. I have been told that I am very approachable and often receive thanks for going out of my way to help in fixing day-to-day problems.
  3. In my role as Office Manager at Secureit Security Systems, I organised appointments and liaised between technical staff and customers regarding changes to appointments and special requirements. I also responded to enquiries from customers about electronic security issues and resolved any customer problems by striving for a WIN / WIN outcome.
  4. I am aware of the need to protect client confidentiality and ensure all documents are kept in accordance with policies and procedures.
  5. My referees will confirm that I have a 'hands-on' approach and am always willing to go out of my way to help other staff to get the job done. I believe in supporting each other as members of a happy and productive team.
  6. From the examples listed above, I believe I have demonstrated my highly developed communication, interpersonal and team skills.

Selection Criteria Statement Sally Sample Page 2 Administrative Officer (AO2) VRN: 000000

Selection Criteria – 3

Ability to understand or quickly learn about Education Queensland's administrative policies, practices and procedures used in schools.

1. In current and former positions, I have demonstrated my ability to quickly learn and apply relevant policies, practices and procedures. Similarly, I am confident that I can rapidly acquire knowledge of administrative policies, practices and procedures used in schools. From researching the internet and speaking to Education Queensland staff, I have familiarised myself with the following documents:

o Department of Education Manual (DOEM) that provides administrative guidelines about issues such as safety, finance, health, etc.

o School Accounting Manual (SAM) that provides guidelines for purchasing, inventory control, stock control, etc.

o Student Handbooks that provide procedures relevant to the particular school in relation to uniform requirements, standards of behaviour, library borrowing procedures, hours of operation for clothing shop, canteen, etc.

  1. In my role with Victoria Health, I have gained knowledge of contemporary management practices such as Occupational Health and Safety, Equal Employment Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination through reading the Director-General's Policies, Workplace Health and Safety Overview and Anti-Discrimination Overview.
  2. I have a basic knowledge of the Privacy Act and its implementation in regard to confidentiality of information about parents, students and other staff. In all former positions, I demonstrated my commitment to maintaining customer and staff confidentiality and treated sensitive matters with tact and discretion.
  3. As the parent of one child in a State Primary School and another in a State High School, I have a good working knowledge of administrative policies, practices and procedures including permission slips to leave school during school hours, 'late passes', notification of student absences and consent forms for school excursions and school camps. I am also familiar with Student Handbooks containing school rules, uniform requirements and behaviour requirements, etc. I work co-operatively with school administrative and teaching staff and assist in fund-raising activities, book packing and sales of stationery as required.
  4. From the above examples, I believe that I have demonstrated my ability to quickly learn about administrative policies, practices and procedures used in schools.

Selection Criteria Statement Sally Sample Page 3 Administrative Officer (AO2) VRN: 000000

Selection Criteria Statement Sally Sample Page 4

Selection Criteria – 4

Basic understanding of occupational health and safety, equal employment opportunity and anti-discriminatory practices and behaviour as applied in a work environment.

  1. I have a basic understanding of occupational health and safety, equal employment opportunity and anti-discriminatory practices as applied in the work environment through previous employment and reading information from the Division of Workplace Health and Safety and relevant government departments. I understand that the Workplace Health and Safety Act places legal responsibility on both employers and employees at a workplace to ensure the health and safety of others. Employers are responsible for providing practical advice about identifying and managing exposure to risk in the workplace, while employees must follow organisational policies and procedures for the safety of themselves and others. I follow all procedures relating to correct manual handling techniques, identification and reporting of risk and promotion of a safe workplace.
  2. I also understand that the Equal Employment in Opportunity Act provides the creation of conditions that allow all workers to have equal chance of seeking and obtaining employment and promotion, based on merit. Further, I understand that discrimination in employment occurs when a person is treated less favourably than others due to gender, marital status, age, race, religion, etc. Sexual harassment is unlawful and is an offence under the Act. For the past three years, I have assisted in promoting acceptance of cultural differences in schools through regularly sponsoring Japanese Home Stay students through Queensland International Student Services for periods between two days and 14 days. This provides a wonderful opportunity for families to learn about each other's cultures.
  3. In my current position at Victorian Health, I work with a group of people consisting of Fijians, Germans, Russians, Malaysians and New Zealanders. We value cultural diversity, treat each other with mutual respect and work well as a multicultural team.
  4. I believe my responses listed above demonstrate my understanding of occupational health and safety, equal employment opportunity and anti-discriminatory practices and behaviour as applied in a work environment. I understand that this application will be considered in relation to EEO principles and will be based solely on merit.

Additional Factors

  1. My application for a Suitability Card from the Commission for Children and Young People is currently being processed.
  2. In my position in the Australian Defence Force, I attended numerous training courses in First Aid and CPR and am willing to undertake required training to update these qualifications as required.

ATV Financing 4 Popular Options

With the purchase price of an ATV being much less than the average street motorcycle there are more options for financing your ATV than when purchasing a motorcycle.

The goal of this article is to provide you a view of four popular types of ATV financing. Your success with each method will depend on if you have good or bad credit.

1. Manufacturer ATV Financing

It is likely that if you have spent any time looking at ATV magazines you have seen an advertisement or two highlighting atv financing from top brands like Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha. Usually these advertisements have a very low minimum payment $ 49 like. While the payment may look attractive you should consider if this is the best ATV loan for you.

In deciding if a manufacturer loan is best, you need to consider the terms. For instance, look at how long the promotional term lasts. If it is 24 months will you have enough to payoff your outstanding loan on the 25th month because making the $ 49 payment does not pay off the loan? If not your interest rate will increase to the standard rate of 17% -22% and your minimum payment will also increase.

If you have the cash to pay off your loan at the end of 24 months than the promotion may be a good thing for you, if not then you should probably opt for a fixed rate installment loan that is offered by most online lenders and has a fixed rate for a long term.

Manufacturer ATV financing is typically more suitable for those with good credit rather than bad credit applicants.

2. Online Atv Financing

Online – ATV financing With you will get fixedATV call is free . Financing for a specific term. These loans are normally called personal loans meaning that they can be used for a variety of personal reasons such as buying an ATV, furniture, home improvements and a variety of other things. Terms on ATV personal loans will normally be up to 60 months and for excellent credit rates can be as low as the 5% – 8% range. Bad credit applicants can also get approved for online personal ATV loans, but the interest rate may be a bit higher.

3. Credit Card ATV Financing

If you are looking for a short term loan for your ATV purchase, a credit card may be a good option if it has a good promotion. For instance some Visa, Mastercard and discover cards offer 12 months no interest for new accounts. If you can afford to pay off your ATV purchase at the end of 12 months this could be a great option for you to use.

4. Hybrid Atv Financing

The hybrid Atv financing method typically uses a combination of financing options. One popular method is to use a short term manufacturer financing promotion and then when the promotion period ends you transfer your loan to another promotion on a Visa, Mastercard or Discover card.

For instance, you could get Honda Financing for 24 months on a Honda promotion and then transfer that loan to a Discover card promotion and get 0% interest for 12 month.

Hybrid Atv Financing is a bit complicated and requires some planning. It is also a bit risky because you are betting that companies will be running the same promotion in 24 months that they are today.

This type of financing is typically not recommended for those with poor credit or that are not very financially savvy.

In the end, the fact that the average ATV is less costly than a motorcycle will allow you more options to finance your purchase. You just have to think creatively and look at all the offers in the market for financing everyday purchases.

Wondering Who Owns a Certain Phone Number? Use This Free Reverse Phone Search!

Everyone has the ability to determine who owns a specific phone number by using a 'reverse phone lookup'. It's easy to do. All you have to do is input the phone number, and the owner's name pops up. Today we go over the best way to perform this sort of search and the way to receive a free reverse phone search.

So, what advantages are there to implementing this style of search?

The most typical reason is that a phone number appears on their caller ID that they do not recognize. Reverse phone lookups are an uncomplicated way to solve the mystery and determine who's calling.

Another use for the reverse phone lookup is to find out whether a person's significant other is cheating on them. In cases where the exact same phone number comes up over and over on their cell phone, they can follow the easy steps to uncover who is phoning.

There can be many good reasons to use it, and fortunately it's a breeze to do! One can now utilize this search tool via the internet.

Among your initial steps to getting a no cost reverse phone lookup is to merely search for one using an online search engine like Google. Pretty much all you'd have to do is enter the full phone number in speech marks and click 'search'.

From time to time the telephone number may have been listed on an online user profile or perhaps a classified advertisement. Google or the online search engine should experience absolutely no trouble locating it if it was. The person who owns the phone number would most likely be outlined if the telephone number was found.

However, if it is not located then you can always utilize a simple specialized reverse lookup service. You will find several online sites that supply this. They will build up huge databases with data on all of the phone numbers which you can then search through. Unlisted phone numbers as well as cell phone numbers may be located in these databases.

When you run a search through this type of database, you will normally get hold of far more than just the owner's name. Items like their employment history, their cell phone provider, their address and even some background info are commonly available. It's truly quite neat to see simply how much info you'll be able to find when all you might have is a person's telephone number. It truly is an excellent product to have whenever you need it.

The charge is low, especially when you register for a "membership" option. All you need to do is pay for a once-off charge and then you can easily run a search every time you would like to online. In this way you will not pay for each search and you are able to use a reverse phone lookup whenever you must.

Therefore, a reverse phone lookup is simple and easy to perform by means of the world wide web, and also it supplies excellent information. It's one more device you can add to your detective's tool-kit!

Debt Settlement – What Percentage of a Debt is Typically Accepted in a Settlement?

I'm often asked by subscribers, "What percentage of a debt is typically accepted by creditors if I do debt settlement?"

Below is a current and accurate list of the actual average settlements for industry leading debt settlement companies and law firms negotiating unsecured debt.

First, let me provide a few important keys about your situation that will determine what you can expect to settle for:

1) "Who" your creditor is .

Who your creditors are makes a huge difference in the amount of the average settlement and what you should expect. Certain creditors are aggressive and you will simple need to pay more than you would with other creditors. These "aggressive" creditors change over time, and also behave differently depending on your state of residence.

2) Your "payment history".

Your payment history is a very important part of your credit. However, the difference between a perfect payment history (never reported 30 days late / no derogatory items) and missing your VERY FIRST PAYMENT is the biggest difference.

It's as if missing that first payment knocks your score out of the sky, but then each additional late payment has less and less of a negative affect.

If you are current on your debt, then you have virtually NO chance of settling for less than the full balance. If you want to settle your debts for less than what you owe, you must be behind on the debt. Being current on significant unsecured debt "undermines" the negotiation process for delinquent debts you are attempting to settle.

If you are behind on a debt you are attempting to settle, but you are current on other significant unsecured debt (with balances of $ 500 +), then the creditor you are behind on and negotiating a settlement with may see you are current, paying 100 % of what you owe PLUS interest to another creditor and will be unwilling to settle for a low amount or possible at all. Thus, you should be behind on ALL unsecured debt in order to successfully settle your accounts for the low amounts I am about to list.

Exceptions: You may remain current on certain types of unsecured debts without harming your negotiations. The exceptions include Federal Credit Unions and military accounts.

While good settlements can be made after only 30-90 days past due, we usually get the best settlements AFTER an account is "charged off", usually after 180 days late, and especially when it's then sold to a third party debt collector.

A "charge off" is an accounting term that means the creditor is taking a tax-break on the account as "bad debt". This devalues ​​the account, and the creditor begins to "get in the mood to settle". Once this happens, if you have a lump sum in the amount listed below, you can most likely settle.

Often, creditors sell the account to a third party debt collector after it has been charged off and lost value. The average amount paid for "bad debt" in recent year is $ 0.034 of the balance owed. That's 3.4 cents on the dollar.

3) Legal status.

Lawsuits are always a risk when attempting debt settlement. Within one year of the statute of limitations (3-10 years, depending on your state) lawsuits are rare, typically occurring in about 2-5% of accounts held with reputable firms. Over half of these cases are settled BEFORE going to court because clients have funds available to settle. AFTER a summons is received and BEFORE the court date (usually a 30 day window) is an opportunity to settle because the creditor will usually want to settle and avoid the additional cost and risks involved in suing you. You may often get better than average settlements ahead of a lawsuits. Thus, legal action can be seen as a settlement opportunity if you have funds available to settle.

When you offer the amounts listed below … it's a smokin 'deal to the creditor or collector. A win-win-win deal for all.

Now with these key factors in mind, take a look at what professional negotiators at top debt settlement companies are currently seeing:

(Description of Debt / Estimated Payback%)

  • Credit Cards, Department Store Cards 40%
  • Citibank Accounts 65%
  • Discover Accounts 65%
  • Cell Phones (Collections $ 750 over) 50%
  • Apartment Lease Re-letting Fees 40%
  • Medical Debts, Collections 50%
  • Judgments / Garnishments, Repossessions 80%
  • Pay Day Loans, Signature Loans 40%
  • Collection Balance Greater than $ 750 Settlements 40%
  • Collection Balances Under $ 750 Settlements closer to 85%
  • Debts between $ 750- $ 1,000 60%
  • Debts under $ 750 80%

* These are "typical" results, actually slightly "padded". The best negotiators have even better percentages on average, but these numbers represent reputable, although rare, professionals as a whole.

** The circumstances of your financial hardship play a huge role in negotiations.

These numbers are also for professional negotiators representing many clients who may have millions of dollars in debt owed to a creditor in negotiations at once. You should not expect these numbers on your own, but many of my subscribers have reported much better (non-typical) percentages, as low as 10% with major creditors.

What You Need to Consider When Applying for a Merchant Account

Looking for a Merchant Account can be a challenging subject especially for small businesses who are looking for the first time. Terminology and jargon can often be confusing.

The recent boom in E-Commerce has made it absolutely vital for Merchants to be able to offer their Customers a safe and secure way to purchase Goods and Services online, using their Debit and Credit Cards.

Here are several factors you should consider when you are comparing rates, terms and offers.

1) How will the Customer Pay

What Merchant Account are you looking for – will Customers be purchasing goods on your website in a Card Not Present scenario (this is commonly referred to as E-Commerce) as the Customer is not physically present when the transaction takes place. Another Card Not Present transaction scenario is where a transaction is taken over the telephone and keyed into a Virtual Terminal. This is referred to as a MOTO transaction. Other businesses may need to accept E-Checks or ACH processing.

Other Merchants will also look for third party processing or alternative forms of payment such as an E-Wallet. The most important point is to really consider which payment methods will suit your customers the most appropriately.

2) Processing Volume

Any financial projections have a direct influence on the rates and terms that you will be offered during your search for a Merchant Account. Smaller businesses may be charged high fees due to the size of volume so it is important to find a provider that does not discriminate in this sense and values ​​your business for what it is. You will need to understand how to manage monthly sales volumes, increases and such – and indeed how fluctuations affect your merchant accounts.

3) Security

It is very important to be aware of the security protocols in place set by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard, referred to as PCI DSS. Interestingly PCI DSS originally began as five separate programs operated by the different card schemes (Visa Card Information Security Program, MasterCard Site Data Protection, American Express Data Security Operating Policy, Discover Information and Compliance and the JCB Data Security Program). The council was formed on 15th December 2004 in order to ensure that all Merchants meet minimum levels of security when they store, process and transmit Cardholder Data.

Along with PCI-DSS – Merchants should consider Fraud Screening and Scrubbing features provided by their Acquirers, Gateway PSPS or Third Party Merchant Account Providers in order to protect their Businesses from Fraud, Chargebacks and other items. Preferably any package offered would include tools to assist in early identification and indeed prevention of fraud.

4) Costs

Merchant Discount Rates (also known as Processing Fees) are costly and a drain on your resource, there is no way of getting around that. However fees can vary wildly – depending on the sector of business you are in. High Risk Merchant Accounts are often very expensive as the Acquiring Banks have to take into account what is known as the Risk Factor. For example if you are Shipping Goods – there is a Risk of Non or Late Delivery which can then lead to Chargebacks or even non-tangible goods such as online advertising or similar where you can also be at risk of Chargeback. The lower the fee the better for you. It is important to find a transparent provider and ensure you have the facts and figures down in writing before you begin. Ensure you understand all associated rates, fees, transaction fees and any other hidden costs such as Chargeback Costs and additional costs for going into the Chargeback Program, Retrieval Request fees etc.

If the Merchant Account Provider quotes you a price based on tiers – ensure that you ask for a clear breakdown of exactly what this is based on.

5) Chargebacks

A Chargeback is when money is returned to the Customer because something has gone wrong with the transaction. Visa and MasterCard both have different sets of Reason Codes for Chargebacks to cover the reason for the Chargeback – for example Reason Code 30 (Visa) – Services / Merchandise Not Received.

It is very important to provide information and documentation to fight or contest Chargebacks to prove that the cardholder received the services or merchandise – or the information relative to the Reason Code that you receive.

If your Business Model is likely to have a large number of Chargebacks then you are most likely to be classed as a High Risk Merchant. Visa and MasterCard have ratios of Chargebacks acceptable to a Merchant (CNP).

Visa calculate the Chargeback Ratio during the same month, Number / Volume of Chargebacks divided by Transaction Number / Volume and MasterCard calculate Chargebacks based on the previous months Transaction Number / Volume divided by Chargeback Number / Volume.

There are also Chargeback Programs for Merchants with Excessive Chargebacks with associated costs, fees and fines. Merchants with very high Chargebacks could also find their Account Terminated and on the MATCH Program so they need to be taken very seriously.

6) Customer / Technical Support

You need to ensure that the Company you are considering has a dedicated Customer and Technical Support Department and Staff. E-Commerce processing is a 24 hour business, if your Customers can not make payments on your site then you will be losing money. This is not a 9 to 5 business. Ensure that you have all access to necessary information and technical support to keep your business running smoothly and to be able to resolve any issues that arise as soon as possible.

7) Merchant Account Applications

Applications can often take weeks to go through the Acquiring Banks. Know Your Customer and the Business Model firstly must be taken into consideration. Then the Business Plan and Processing History will be thoroughly reviewed along with other documentation and required items. The Application then goes to Credit and Risk and the underwriting department before you will receive and offer or rejection. It is important to disclose any information during the submission of your application.

Definition and Objectives of Bookkeeping and Accounting Systems

Accounting is defined as "the art of recording, classifying and summarizing in terms of money transactions and events of financial character and interpreting the results thereof." In simplest words, we can say:

(1) Accounting is an art

(2) of recording classifying and summarizing

(3) in terms of money

(4) transactions and events of financial nature and

(5) interpreting the results thereof

Accounting is an art of correctly recording the day to day business transactions: It is a science of keeping the business records in a regular and most systematic manner so as to know the business results with minimum trouble. Therefore, it is said to be a statistical procedure for the collection, classification and summarization of financial information.

Objectives of Accounting

The objectives of accounting are two-fold:

(1) To record permanently, all business transactions, and

(2) To show the effect of each transaction and also the combined effect of all such transactions for a given period so as to find out the profit the business has earned or loss incurred, and also to know the correct financial position on a particular date .

The necessity and importance of accounting can be understood by answering the following questions:

(1) How much we have earned this year?

(2) How much was earned during the last year?

(3) Is our business improving?

(4) How much cash do we have?

(5) How much money we owe?

(6) How much others owe to us?

Accounting Systems

There are various systems of accounting for maintaining business records:

Cash system of accounting

This system records only cash receipts and payments on the assumption that there are no credit transactions. If at all there are any credit transactions, they are not at all recorded until the cash is actually paid or received. Receipts and payments account in case of clubs, societies, hospital, educational institutes, lawyers etc. is the best example of cash system.

Single Entry System

This system ignores the two fold aspect of each transaction as considered in double entry system. Under single entry system, merely personal aspects of transaction ie personal accounts are recorded. This method takes no note of the impersonal aspects of the transactions other than cash. It offers no check on the accuracy of the posting and no safeguard against fraud because it does not provide any check over the recording of cash transactions. Therefore, it is called as "imperfect accounting."

Double Entry System

The double entry system was first evolved by Luca Pacioliin, who was a Franciscan Monk of Italy. With the passage of time, the system has gone through lot of developmental stages. It is the only method fulfilling all the objectives of systematic accounting. It recognizes the two fold aspect of every business transaction.

These questions are of decisive importance for a trader and the answers can only be derived from up to-date financial records. Only the system of keeping the perfect records of all business transactions will help the proprietor to know the amount he has gained or lost.

The main objective of any business is to earn maximum possible profits with minimum expense. In view of this, a commercial organization always tries to expand its business, increase its sales and reduce operating expenses. The progress made in this regard, is always indicated only by the properly maintained financial records.

Meaning of Accounting

In the beginning, the main objective of accounting was to ascertain the result of the business activities (whether profit has been earned or loss has been suffered) during a year and to show the financial position of the business as on a particular date. Accounting has to meet the requirements of taxation authorities; investors, government regulations; management and owners. This has resulted in widening the scope of accounting and may be defined as follows:

"Accounting is the art of recording, classifying and summarizing, in a significant manner and in terms of money transactions and events which are in part at least, of a financial character and interpreting the result thereof."

Is Accounting a Science or an Art?

In simple words, science establishes relationship of cause and effect whereas the art is the application of knowledge comprising of some accepted theories, principles and rules. Since accounting docs not establish cause and effect relationship it only provides us with the procedure by which objectives of accounting can be achieved, therefore accounting is an art and not a science. Accounting is an art of recording financial transactions in a set of books; classifying in desired categories and summarizing the information for presentation in a suitable manner to the concerned persons for their benefit.

Scope of Accounting

The need of a system of accounting was felt by man early in the history of trade and commerce. The art of book-keeping is as old as the art of trading itself. This art of keeping records passed through many phases since its inception. With the development of commerce, it has attained a position of great importance. Indeed, it can be truly said that accounting has become the foundation on which the whole fabric of modem commerce rests.

Though there is no legal obligation on an ordinary trader to keep the records, every business house finds it essential and convenient to keep the systematic records so as to know where exactly it stands. Moreover, it is legally binding on some forms of business, such as joint stock companies, to prepare periodically, statements in proper forms showing the position of the business. A proper and satisfactory method of accounting is an essential part of any business house for the following reasons:

(1) If no records are kept, it will be difficult to find out accurate net profit. Under such circumstances, tax authorities may overestimate the profits and thus a trader will suffer for not having kept the business records.

(2) In absence of proper business records, the trader will find it difficult to submit the true position to the court in case he becomes insolvent.

(3) Keeping of proper records helps the trader in framing future business plans & policies.

(4) It will be difficult to ascertain and fix the price of business to be sold or disposed off, if no records are kept.

(5) Finally, in spite of the best memory it is beyond the capacity of a trader to remember all the business dealings with back references.

Ways To Make Passive Income From An Ecommerce Website: An Overview

Many leading online businesses do not even have a physical address today! These companies are solely online and selling products and services through their ecommerce website. If you know what sales, you can also setup an ecommerce website and start making passive income from it. You just need to get your website developed by a web designed and upload your products to start. Here, you will explore more about the ecommerce store and several earning sources from such store.

Ways To Make Passive Income From An Ecommerce Store – A Guide

You might think an ecommerce store has a single income source – that is when your products are sold! But you can actually setup multiple sources of income that can give you extra cash even if you're not getting enough sales from your newly established online store. Let's have a look at those alternative earning sources you can setup on your store online.

# 1 Advertising Revenues

This concept works fine with almost any type of website online. If your website is generating some visitors, you can convert those unique visits into revenues. You need to get approved on the advertising networks like Google AdSense, Chitika, and Infolinks to get started. These advertising networks let webmasters display ads on websites and share revenues with the publishers. You can place some ads on suitable places on your ecommerce website and gradually you will develop a decent passive income generator from them.

# 2 Affiliate Offers

Thousands of vendors are looking for credible affiliates to get their products sold! You can join affiliate networks like ClickBank, Amazon, JVzoo etc. and add some affiliate products on the website. These products will help you generate decent cash once your ecommerce site has started generating organic visits redirected from the search engines. Do some SEO and marketing to get your site ranked well on the search engines and soon you will develop a cash inflow!

# 3 Banned Spaces

Most ecommerce stores rent spaces on their websites to others. These banner spaces can generate a lot of money if your web store has a good reputation online. You do not even need to get your products sold, rather these banners will help you generate great passive income. You need to remember one thing – the more visit you get, the more money you make! There are also some media websites that'll help you find potential leads for renting out the banner spaces on your website.

# 4 Email Marketing

You can give away some useful stuffs to make your store popular in the beginning. Just install an attractive form for your website and let your visitors know how the freebie can help them. You will get plenty of emails from potential clients. You can use that targeted, high-converting email lists to market your own products or the affiliate products you're promoting.

A popular ecommerce website can make you six figure earnings every year. But it's not possible to get your store rank # 1 in a couple of months. It might take years to get to that # 1 position on the search engines. Meanwhile, you can use these income sources discussed above and generate passive income from the store.

The Advantages of Utilizing Mechanical Excavation Plants

Much has been said about the use of mechanical excavation methods in earthworks and excavation projects. With all of the information out there, it can be hard to make sense of what using mechanical excavation plants really means. However, you can be sure that the issue is not as complicated as some would have you believe and there are, in fact, distinct and straightforward advantages to using mechanical excavation methods.

Earthwork and excavation is a very large undertaking, whether on a large industrial or civil level, or on a smaller private or residential level. So, why is it a good idea to use mechanical excavation and earthwork plants? Here are just a few:

Faster Completion of Projects-It's no secret that earthwork and excavation projects are expensive endeavors, and the longer a job takes, the more expensive it will be. Using mechanical plants can cut down on the excavation and earth-moving process and therefore significantly cut down on the cost of the entire job.

Safer Practice-In some cases, manual labor is the only option, but when mechanical methods can be employed, they significantly cut down on injury risks on the job site. A mechanized work site is a safer work site, because the machines do all of the work that can easily harm or injure a human worker. This also cuts down greatly on total job costs because insurance rates for the job will be positively affected and, of course, payment to injured employees becomes unnecessary.

Get Deeper-While the amount of digging and excavation that can be achieved by a human worker is extremely limited due to fatigue and other human factors, mechanical backhoes and face shovel excavators can reach much deeper into the earth. This is important because some jobs require a massive amount of earth to be moved and these amounts can only be moved with the use of mechanical excavation plants.

Less Manpower Ultimately Needed-Efficiency and cost-effective methods are extremely important in excavation and earthworks projects. As mentioned earlier, these projects can be very expensive, but having a mechanical plant on your excavation job can cut the cost of manpower at least in half. Fewer workers means a cheaper and more efficient job invoice. In addition to the immediate money-saving effect that having to pay fewer workers has, having a mechanical excavation plant also decreases the risk of bodily injury on your job site.

No matter how big your earthwork and excavation job is, using a mechanical excavation plant just makes good sense. Backhoes and face shovel excavators can dig deeper, work faster, move earth more safely, and save you more money than a purely manual workforce. The FGS Group employs a careful combination of mechanical excavation and manpower for each job we take. We have all of the mechanical excavation machines needed to do a fast, safe, and cost-effective job, and the experienced manpower to run it all. Call the FGS Group today!

SSL Strengths and Weaknesses Revealed!

SSL, otherwise known as Secure Sockets Layer or Transport Layer Security (TLS), is a protocol that provides a secure channel of communication for two programs. This creates endpoints for communication called the "sockets" to affect connections. A bit of the process can be compared with TCP, but the encryption capabilities present in SSL are greater than TCP. Created by Netscape, the privacy of communication and data is ensured because the encryption technology is capable of verifying the identity of the parties involved in the communication. SSL is important in dealing with a complete server, which requires transmitting sensitive information on a web site. The encrypted connection is created between the web server and web browser, which forestall possible point of data tampering, identity theft, fraud, and eavesdropping.

To identify the security and privacy of communication, the SSL encryption is identified through the presence of padlock icon in web browsers or green-colored address bar. To enable SSL on websites, SSL certificates must be obtained by purchasing the same from certificate authority. Purchase of ssl certificates must be made only from trusted and reputable authority. Once the requirements are complied with, private and public keys may be used in decrypting message depending on the nature of keys used to encrypt a message. In any case, a public key encrypted message can only be decrypted using a public key or vice versa. The SSL certificate is issued with a public key.

The SSL Handshake will verify the genuineness of server's certificate. If the certificate is authentic, encrypted application data can be sent. Basically, the foregoing discussion displays the advantages of SSL.

However, one of the disadvantages of SSL Certificate is that the flow of communication is slower than without SSL. The process of SSL handshake gives each communicator added works. The site performs slowly because nothing is cached. Reloading all images, style sheets, and scripts, will be done for each new page. This may be disadvantageous to both the server and client. However, the process is needed to allow visitors to come in and go. To lessen the effect, simpler web design will help a lot.

Another thing to consider is the study made by Ethical Hackers. They have already spoken and discovered that the use of SSL does not give a 100% privacy and security assurance. Based on their research, 30 per cent of SSL sites are unsecure.

Nevertheless, the use of SSL will build confidence among clients. It should be noted that clients, especially those availing of online payment method feel more secure to push through with their payment if they are guaranteed of nondisclosure of their personal and bank details.